Travertine is a sedimentary limestone formed by calcium carbonate deposits, which is found in magnificent patterns and colors. PERSOL’s expertise in mining field has served the company well enough to supply high quality travertine at the right quality and at the right time.

Building on two decades of experience and knowledge, PERSOL discovers and extracts travertine in ways that continually deliver long-term value to our customers.


PERSOL offers the best selection of cream, beige, brown, red, and gray travertine with the highest qualities for a variety of applications as below:

• Flooring

• Interior Decoration

• Cladding

• Bath Design


We find and extract travertine blocks (20-23 Tonnes) and ship them to our customers who extract from the travertine stones in various shapes.

Wet compressive strength
weight (kg/cm2) 238
Dry compressives strength
weight (kg/cm2) 506
Density 2.67
water absorption% 2.49
Chemical Analysis
CaO 51.87
FE2O3 1.853
Al2O3 0.061
SiO2 0.185

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