These are some of the organizational values ​​in Persol Company 

♦ At Persal, we believe that all human beings deserve respect, and therefore, in addition to respecting our own personality, we treat others (colleagues, customers, clients) with respect.

♦ At Persal Company, honesty is an integral part of our honesty and service. We believe that honesty is not limited to honesty, and not hiding any mistakes or errors is also an important part of the culture of honesty of the company.

♦ We believe that providing services to the company’s stakeholders (customers, partners and others) is not our duty, but our characteristic.

♦ We see hard work as a prerequisite for our success and perseverance, and diligent effort as a means of distinguishing ourselves from others.

♦ We believe that a bright smile and face are a factor in increasing and gaining double energy from the human environment around us.

♦ We are responsible and committed global citizens; Committed to improving the community around us, developing our country, and preserving our beautiful planet.