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According to the public relations of Persal Company, in line with the Nafs campaign to combat the Covid-19 virus, the company has distributed masks and health supplies among vulnerable groups.With the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Iran, access to masks and hygiene items has become difficult for many citizens. Meanwhile, our compatriots in vulnerable areas are struggling with the existing shortcomings more than others. For this reason, Persol Company, in line with its social responsibility and in line with the Nafs campaign, a movement of our country’s private sector economic activists, to help its citizens with more than a thousand health packages including masks and disinfectant liquid among the Association for the Protection of Working Children, Avaye Mandegar Association. Distributed by Dayan Empowerment House, Khorshid House, Pooyesh Charity, My Land Association, and Addiction Treatment Camp for Improved Women and Tehran Hothouses. We hope that with the efforts of economic activists and the support of the people of our country, we will overcome this threat and go to greet the spring with hope and aspiration.

Distribution of health packages by Persal in the affected villages, in line with the Nafs campaign

According to Persal Public Relations, due to the prevalence of Covid-19 virus in the country, Persal Holding, in line with the “Nafs Campaign”, has distributed more than a thousand masks and detergents in its rural areas.Reports indicate that so far 34 patients with coronary heart disease have been registered in Sistan and Baluchestan, and due to the province being among the most deprived provinces in the country, the need for health care in this region is strongly felt. In this regard, Persol Company in Bazman Iranshahr, located in Sistan and Baluchestan province, is engaged in mining activities, in line with its social responsibility and in line with the “Nafs Campaign; The “Private Sector Economic Activists” has distributed more than a thousand masks and detergents in the affected villages, especially Maksan, Ahoo Valley, Tank and a number of nomadic villages.Following the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus in different parts of the world, the spread of this virus in Iran was officially confirmed on February 20, 2017. Following the confirmation of the corona outbreak in Iran, charities, NGOs and economic activists have begun to help citizens in various ways. Meanwhile, the “Nafs Campaign” is a spontaneous movement of private economic activists who work to help their compatriots in the current crisis. In this regard, Persol Company, in cooperation with the Nafs campaign, has distributed health packages among the affected groups so that it may be an encouragement for its compatriots in these difficult days.