Base Oil

Base oils are refined base stocks recommended for use in the manufacture of automotive & industrial lubricants, oil & greases, rubber products, white & paraffin oil and so on. Iranian Base oils are refined from crudes with characteristics making them the most desirable for our customers.

Base oils are more polar in nature than Paraffinic oils and hence they have good cooling properties and excellent low-temperature properties. They also have better solubility and ability to form stable emulsions. PERSOL offers base oils in various viscosity range including SN 90, SN 150, SN 350, SN 500.


  • ·         Highly saturated
  • ·         Virtually no aromatics or impurities
  • ·         Colorless
  • ·         Uniform composition
  • ·         High oxidation/thermal stability
  • ·         Viscosity stability
  • ·         Low volatility
  • ·         Improved demulsibility

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