Celestine Ore

Celestine Ore is a mineral with a well-defined shape found in sedimentary rocks all over the world. Regularly, Celestine is colorless but various impurities elaborate this crystalized mineral with the shade of soft blue, white, light red, green, or brown. Celestine is one of the richest sources of strontium.
Persol is a leading Celestine ore supplier in the Middle East and distributes it to loads of countries such as India and China. PERSOL’s Celestine comes from valuable mines located in Semnan, Ilam, and Central provinces, enabling us to win 30 percent of China’s Market Share. With the help of a team of experts, we are engaged in supplying optimal quality Celestine at competitive prices. Establishing an effective network of offices in and out of the country ensures timely transportation of Celestine across the globe. In addition, PERSOL is expanding its Celestine sales in various countries and strengthening its position in the region.

Celestine Stage across the World:

Celestine is a mineral in the group of Barite. You can see the stage of Barite in different parts of the world below:

How Persol Changes Celestine’s Market?

Our commitment to foreign customers makes us unique among all Iranian suppliers of Celestine, as we are determined to provide different services to our customers including availability and responsiveness of PERSOL’s branch offices as our foreign representatives, simple and flexible payment methods, and getting our customers’ concerns resolved using a fairly efficient “Complaints Handling Procedure”.

PERSOL is committed to providing its customers with some services to construct a long-lasting profitable partnership with them. These services are as follow:

  • Customer Cares
  • Professional and Friendly Staff (Available in your own Country)
  • Supplying solutions to your concerns


It can be used in an electromagnet, fluorescent glass, electronics industry (TV, Tablet, and Screens), pyrotechnics (Fireworks), alloys, and so forth.

Based on our customers’ request, we regularly transport Celestine ores by packing bulk in 20’ containers or vessel from Iran’s Ports to the destination.

Element Result (Wt %)
CaO 3.4
BaO <0.01
SrSO4 85-90
BaSO4 0.6-0.8
SrCo3 <0.01
Fe2O3 0.24
AI2O3 0.4
SiO2 1.0
CaCo3 6


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