Celestine or Celestite is composed of strontium sulfate. The reason for this naming is the soft blue color that is sometimes seen in this type of mineral. This brittle mineral is formed in crystalline or sometimes fibrous forms.

China, Mongolia, Namibia, the United States, Britain, the Czech Republic, Iran, Turkey and Spain are the largest producers of celestine in the world. Celestine mines exist in different parts of the country, but the largest mines discovered are located in Semnan province, which has large reserves of this mineral. Celestine lumps or concentrates are not directly consumed directly in industry. Almost all of the world’s production is first converted to strontium carbonate and consumed.


فرآورده معدنی


پالایش و تولید شمش روی با خلوص بالاو صنایع شیشه و بلورسازی, داروسازی, ساخت مواد آتشبازي – منورهاي نظامي و گلوله‌هاي رسام, صنايع توليد لامپ تصوير تلويزيون رنگي و مانيتورها, صنايع توليد مغناطيس صنعتي – الكتروسراميك‌ها – فريت‌هاي سراميكي