Persol Feldspar is produced from prepared natural raw minerals. All data are approximate values with tolerances depending on occurrences and production. They only serve as descriptions and do not represent any warranty concerning the existence of specific characteristics. Traces of coarser particles may be possible. It applies to the user to test the suitability for his purposes. If further information is required regarding tolerances and our experience in technical applications, we will be happy to provide it. Sales are subject to our sales and delivery conditions.
Our grades feature an extremely high-quality consistency, extremely low iron and titanium contents, and a very high total feldspar content. Among the diverse applications are glazes and frits, sanitary ware, insulators, tiles, and the glass industry.

There are many industrial applications for potassium feldspar, such as ceramic blank, ceramic glaze, glass, porcelain, Fillers, Paint, grinding materials (Mild Abrasives), and potash fertilizer production

1000KG / 1500KG Jumbo Bags


Compound                                                                          Weight percent (%)
SiO2                                                                                      70.94
Al2O3                                                                                    15.01
Fe2O3                                                                                   0.23
TiO2                                                                                      0.001
CaO                                                                                      0.09
MgO                                                                                     0.01
Na2O                                                                                   1.14
K2O                                                                                     11.46
P2O5                                                                                    0.006
BaO                                                                                      –


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