Glossy paper and cardboard

Art Coated Paper is one of the products that Persal is present in the market as one of its suppliers.

Glossy paper is generally available in matte, glossy, double-sided and single-sided, and has better printability and quality due to its glossy and smooth surface.

Glossy paper is generally used in colored and higher quality works. Most of this paper is imported from South Korea, China and Indonesia.

Glossy paper is available in different heats per year.

Glossy paper and cardboard is very suitable for reproducing monochrome and multi-color images with good uniform and smooth quality, and the ink absorbs the ink evenly on its surface.

Glossy cardboard is also used for health and medicine boxes and packaging.

This product can be purchased in rolls from Persal.




100, 115, 130, 135, 148, 150, 170, 200, 250, 300, 80, 90


Business Card, magazines