Rubber Process Oil (RPO)

Rubber Process oil is produced by Lub Cut. The crude oil distillation process is obtained material to lube cut. The companies named RPO lube cut with a solvent composition and the chemical interactions and isolation RPO extract (product of solvent extraction RPO) material extracted is called Raffinate.
This product is a fully rich aromatic by-product from the solvent extracting process to modify the physical properties of the vulcanization and to reduce the cost of the finished product.

The primary characteristics are the presence of the double bonded mix ring carbon structure. Aromatic extracts procured from refineries are suitably blended to meet stringent specifications with different Viscosity. Heavy RPO is also an aromatic process oil with higher viscosity and is specifically developed for use as extender oil in the manufacture of polystyrene butadiene rubber. This aromatic type of rubber process oil is dark in color and has good solvency. It is compatible with most rubber polymers and suitable for use in the manufacture of automobile rubber tires, belting, battery case, etc. where color is not an important parameter. Heavy RPO was specially developed for use in SBS rubber.


  • automobile tires
  • rubber shock absorbers
  • footwear
  • industrial hoses
  • wire and cable coverings 
  • flooring materials and carrier fluid 
  • the solvent in the manufacture of adhesives
  • sealants
  • Polishes and carbon black
  • Excellent color stability
  • Low volatility properties
  • Good solubility properties
  • Elastomer compatibility

Persol guaranty the quality of low ./High viscosity RPO rubber process oil with the arrangement of an international inspector to check the quality and quantity of low viscosity RPO rubber process oil during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping.


Characteristic Unit Range Test method
Kinematic viscosity @ 100 °C cSt 20-30 ASTM: D-445
Flash point °C 200-230 ASTM: D-92
Density15°C °C 1.01 D-4052
Aniline point °C 30-40 IP-2


Characteristic Unit Range Test method
Kinematic viscosity @ 100 °C cSt 30-50 ASTM: D-445
Flash point °C 240 ASTM: D-92
Density15°C °C 1.02 D-4052
Aniline point °C 30-40 IP-2

Kind of Packing

Net Weight  Each Drum /Flexi Net  Weight of Empty Drum /Flexi Gross Weight drum /flxi No. of Drum in  20 ft  fcl Net Weight in 20ft fcl Gross Weight in 20ft Packing

Tolerance :  +/-5%

Drum 210 KG 17-18     Kg 218 KG 80 18.600  MT 17.44   MT
Flexi Tank 22 MT 100     KG 22.100   MT 1 22.000 MT 22.100    MT


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