Sack Kraft

Sack Kraft is one of the cellulose products that is offered to the market all year round. One of the most important features of Sec Craft is its controlled porosity and elasticity, which greatly increases its strength for packaging.

As mentioned, due to its high strength, it is used for packaging products such as fruits. Secraft is also used for hospital paper, handbags and sewing patterns. In addition, cement, fertilizers and other powder products are packed in kraft paper bags.

One of the advantages of kraft paper is its high absorption power as well as its recyclability, which helps a lot in preserving the environment. The usual calorific value of this paper in the market is more than 40 grams.

This product can be purchased in rolls from Persal.




Sewing pattern, Packaging of products such as fruits and vegetables Handbag, Hospital paper


More than 40 grams