Saffron or red gold, called Saffron in English, is a genus of lilies that flowers in autumn. Saffron is mostly used as a spice and is widely used for treatment and industrial purposes.

This plant has a stem and six purple petals and 3 strands of red stigmas. The orange stigma, the flower of this plant is used for consumption. Saffron stigma is rich in fat, minerals and mucilage. This plant is propagated by the underground tuber.

The aroma of saffron is strong and its taste is bitter and a little spicy. The bitter taste of saffron is related to a glycoside called Picrocrocin, which is a colorless monoterpenalide. The volatile essential oil of saffron is also responsible for its odor and aroma, which is produced by the separation of sugar from picrocrocin.


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