Slack wax

“Slack wax” is a by-product of the oil-based oil refining process, which is a petrochemical oil product with dark colors and is a mixture of oil and wax. Soft wax enters the system as a raw material, which is finally converted to different degrees of paraffin wax after refining, lubrication and bleaching processes.


Soft wax is naturally brown in color and is classified into two types, light and heavy, depending on the viscosity of the laser oil that is removed from the wax. In light grades, the melting point is 50-52 degrees Celsius, in heavy grades, the melting point is 53-55 degrees Celsius and their oil content is from 5.0% to 35%.


Candle making, wax emulsions, textile industry, insulation and glass wool, paraffin wax production

Different packaging

Bulk , transported by tanker, barrel, flex tank