Products and activities of Persal Company

Social Responsibility 

Persal Company believes that many problems in Iranian society are due to lack of awareness and knowledge of individuals and educational and cultural poverty has caused economic poverty in many less privileged parts of the country. In this regard, with the financial and moral support of the “Iran Man” school-building movement, the construction of Iran’s first school of sustainable development in Chabahar has been established. Last year, the social responsibility team initiated the development facilitation project in Sidbar and, by reviving the art of needlework, took the first step towards economic development by registering the Banook brand.

 Subsidiary Companies

Persal Holding, after 25 years of effective efforts in the field of the country’s economy, with the establishment of Persal Investment Group, has entered the country’s innovation and technology ecosystem.

Invited to cooperate

Persal is the gathering place of all the technocrats, those who have something to say in knowledge, expertise and, of course, good manners.
During the year, we have provided a suitable environment for skilled and motivated personnel. Relying on the two values ​​of gaining experience and innovation, we have gone through ups and downs and today, when we have decided to develop our business, we need new talents.