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Parsal Group of Companies was established in 1375 (Solar Hijri calendar) by Pedram Soltani. Since then, Parsal Company has had the privilege of significant growth and development by employing efficient managers, specialized and experienced colleagues on one hand, and relying on scientific and practical approaches in modern global trade methods on the other hand. The initial area of activity for Parsal Company was the export of petroleum and petrochemical products. Currently, in addition to its primary field of work, Parsal is also involved in other areas such as trading wood and paper products, agricultural products, as well as exploration and operations.


To inquire about the price, please contact the direct number 26208325.

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After placing an order, wood loading is done within 2 to 3  days. The delivery time depends on the distance of the delivery location. For paper purchases, after placing an order and payment, it is shipped on the same day.


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