Unbleached long fiber pulp

Paper pulp – bleached long and short fibers

White top liner coated paper

Glossy paper and cardboard

Supplier of cellulose products

According to the dry weather conditions of Iran, with the approach of supporting the country’s water resources and forests, since 2005, Persal has set its agenda to import cellulose products such as paper, cardboard and pulp to Iran, and as a well-known supplier, it provides a significant share of the country’s needs. It covers in this area.

The customers of this sector include a wide range of paper production, packaging and printing industries, health product manufacturers, etc. In this regard, in 2014, by gathering the activists of this field, the Association of Importers of Cardboard Paper and Cellulose Products was established.

All kinds of cellulose products

Persal Company is one of the most reliable business groups in Iran in supplying and distributing all kinds of paper and cardboard. During a decade of direct import of all kinds of paper and cardboard, paper pulp at a competitive price, we have been able to supply major market orders, including reliable printing and sanitary packaging companies, with the highest quality.

In addition to providing paper and cardboard from the best brands in the market, Persal company identifies the needs of customers by analyzing and assessing market needs and provides new products to meet the needs of the paper market.

The use of various types of paper and cardboard

One of the most important and main materials of cellulose products, paper and cardboard, tissue making and health products, etc., fiber pulp, which is used in types of long fiber pulp and short fiber pulp, and is one of the raw materials in the paper industry. is considered.

Among the countries that produce paper, we can mention the American countries, Indonesia, Russia, Canada and some European countries. which last year imported paper and cardboard from China, Austria, Russia and is considered one of the largest importers of all types of paper and cardboard in Iran.

In the process of importing paper and cardboard, the main indicators are the composition and quality of the fibers that are evaluated, and one of the important indicators is the length of the fibers and the brightness of the fibers.

Inquiring about the purchase price of paper and cardboard

Several factors affect the price of paper and cardboard, the price of paper and cardboard has a direct relationship with the price of pulp, which is the raw material for paper production, and also the amount of demand and the increase in the price of the dollar in the country due to the fact that this product is imported affects the final price of paper and cardboard. Therefore, to inquire about the daily price of all types of paper and cardboard, you can call the five-digit number 79885 or the direct number 021-26208325, or fill out the price inquiry form on the main page of the site as soon as possible. You call.

Wholesale sales of cellulose products

The types of cellulose products are as follows.

Glossy paper and cardboard

Gray cardboard back

White top liner paper


Kraft paper

Sec Craft

Paper pulp – bleached long and short fibers

Paper pulp – unbleached long and short fibers

Types of paper pulp

Sale of paper and cardboard

Special conditions for the wholesale sale of paper and cardboard in Persal Trading Company