Selling all types of wood

Every day in our lives, we see many objects made of wood, and even though centuries have passed since the discovery of various metals, wooden objects are still the most popular among ordinary people. Wooden cabinets, tables, chairs and countless other items that we use daily. But the important issue is that our country does not have enough forests to provide all the wood; Therefore, the import of wood becomes important. In fact, if Iran decides to get all the wood it needs for various industries (whether it is the production of household appliances or other industries) from the trees inside the country, it will not be long before it loses its forests. Therefore, to keep wood-related industries alive and take care of trees at the same time, the import phenomenon has become more important.

Providing all kinds of wood products

According to the dry weather conditions of Iran Persal, with the approach of supporting the country’s water resources and forests, since 2005 the import of products such as Nerad, Alder, Yuleka wood; Beech, plywood, plywood, thermowood are on the agenda.

Wholesale sales of all types of wood

Another advantage of Peranal is the wholesale sale of all types of imported and domestic wood at a competitive and fair price to our customers. We are committed to deliver products to our customers on time and in the shortest possible time. With an expert team and a regular distribution system, we have been able to assure you as one of the largest suppliers that the required wooden products will ideally be delivered to the customer within 2-3 days after placing the order and loading.

The largest supplier and importer of all types of wood in Iran

Persal Company is one of the largest importers of all types of wood in Iran. With more than a decade of experience, it is one of the leaders in the field of supplying and producing wood according to market needs. Persal company offers a range of products to customers with quality and international standards as a reliable company in supplying all types of wood with superior quality. Types of Russian wood, Nerad, Alder, Yuleka, Bee pollen, Beech and plywood are among the products that are offered.

Benefits of buying wood from last year

Wood purchase price

Persal, the importer of all kinds of wood from Russia, is one of the leaders in the supply and supply of wood at the best, cheapest price and with the highest quality.

Due to the variety of products and the import of all kinds of wood directly and without intermediaries, Peran offers wooden products at a competitive price in the market. It aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience and satisfy customers.

Variety of wood products

You can have the most diverse wood products in your shopping cart on the Persal site, all kinds of Russian wood, thermowood, plywood, etc.

Direct import of wood without intermediaries

All wooden products are purchased directly and without intermediaries from Russia with the best quality and are brought into the country and marketed in accordance with the standards of transportation.

Inquiry and purchase order of all types of wood

Persal’s team by attracting and hiring experienced and industrial analysts who have experience and up-to-date knowledge in the field of wood market, provide a detailed analysis of the market situation and daily prices. By consulting and obtaining information, it helps buyers to improve their purchase decisions based on the latest market changes.

Factors affecting the price of wood

Various factors affect the increase in the price of wood, such as the degree of dryness and moisture of the wood, the absence of cracks, cracks or knots, as well as the fact that the wood is imported, or that the wood is produced domestically, and finally, the amount of production or import and its availability. Wood has a direct effect on the final price of all types of wood.