Dolomite has long been of great importance in the production of iron and steel, glass, ceramics, refractory bricks, and castables.
This mineral is an anhydrous carbonate mineral consisting of a double carbonate of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) with a chemical composition of CaMg (CO3)2.
As a leading miner and supplier of dolomite in the Middle East, PERSOL distributes this mineral to loads of countries such as India and China. Our company mines dolomite from its rich dolomitic mines located in central Iran, which enables us to supply this mineral with special whiteness and chemical analysis.
To meet the various requirements of our customers, we offer raw dolomite, calcined dolomite, powder, and dolomite sand. As a result, PERSOL’s dolomite is also recognized for its high magnesium oxide content of above 20%, low iron and phosphorus amounts, and lack of sulfur amounts.

Iron and steel industry (as a flux for the smelting of iron and steel)
Ferro-alloys Industry
Glass Industry
Petrochemical Industry

Bulk density (Chip) 0.85-0.9 ton/cum
Specific gravity 2.65-2.85
Color White
Whiteness >90%
Mohs 3.5-4
Compound   Weight percent (%)
MgO 20-21.4
CaO 30-32
SiO2 0.1-0.25
Fe2O3 0.05-0.15
Al2O3 0.1-0.15
SO3 <0.03
P2O5 <0.01
L.O.I 46-47


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